MBSR Testimonials

Participants who complete the 8-week MBSR course show substantially decreased levels of stress, anxiety and chronic pain. Results are not guaranteed, though, and vary depending on a variety of factors. Below are testimonials from past MBSR participants. You can also learn about the growing body of scientific research behind this curriculum in the MBSR FAQ.


Sporadic and superficial define my practice before taking Dan’s mindfulness class. I often went for a year or more without sitting. Back then if I sat it was for a short time with one eye closed and the other on the clock. I read about meditation more than I meditated. Taking the class changed that–it clarified and expanded what I had learned. It also was a motivating force. I started sitting daily and during the course the time extended to a 45 minute daily sit. That was October to December 2016 and as of today, July 5, 2017, I have maintained the 45 minutes almost daily. I give huge credit to Dan and his class for my establishing and enlarging the practice.

Dan is a great teacher. He explains everything in a clear accessible way. He is particularly skillful at answering questions and much of what I learned occurred during the question and answer sessions. He is able to get to the heart of the issue, clarify it and expand the topic in a warm, inviting and affirming manner. If you take the course, ask questions!!!!

This past weekend I experienced huge benefit from Dan’s class and my continued practice. I was extended an invite to a house warming party held last Saturday in Covington. It was given by a friend who had just moved there and she would be the only person I knew. I have always had social anxiety about going into groups where I don’t know people—class rooms, parties, meetings. My pattern was to almost always decline such invites and on the rare occasions I accepted I would experience anxiety, sometimes severe and sometimes for days before the event. But I accepted this one. I had little to no anxiety during the time before or during the party. I had some great conversations with interesting people. I enjoyed myself! I wasn’t even conscious of the lack of anxiety and what a huge change this was for me until I got home and thought about the weekend. I was stunned! In a good way.

Thank you Dan!


When I signed up to take the MBSR class, my main goal was to learn some “Light” yoga in order to compliment my meditation practice.  I suffer from a chronic lung disease so I am not able to do a lot of physical activities involved in some yoga practices.  Over the 8 weeks I did learn how to incorporate the yoga into my practice.  What I wasn’t expecting was an unbelievable positive impact on my lung disease.  During the 7th week of the course, I went hiking with a friend and walked 7 miles (something I haven’t done in over 10 years without supplemental oxygen!)  As I began to assess my situation, I realized that I hadn’t done anything different other than the MBSR class.  Dan is a great teacher and I enjoyed the course immensely. (And, don’t forget the Saturday meditation group).


I decided to take Dan’s MBSR class because of my crippling Anxiety disorder. By learning and practicing these time-tested techniques, my stress and anxiety are substantially reduced. My life has become much more calm and manageable – I highly recommend this course.


I highly recommend Dan’s Mindfulness course to everyone – whether you are brand new to mindfulness or trying to enhance your own practice.  Dan really meets you where you are at, and is available every step of the way.  He is very approachable, and what makes his class unique is the compassion, positivity, and kindness that his personality brings to the group.  He creates a safe space, where people can open up about their experiences, and he is encouraging and thoughtful in his responses.  I have also seen Dan lead a meditation class at a non-profit that I work for, and he brought joy and warmth to our clients, many of whom are living with chronic illnesses.   I learned invaluable skills during Dan’s 8-week mindfulness course, which I continue to use almost every day.  Dan is genuine and is doing great work, and I strongly recommend his course, A+! 


The 8-week MBSR program with Dan was incredibly helpful to my meditation practice and to my well being. It’s been almost a year since I completed the program, but the experiences I had and the simple practices we cultivated still support me emotionally and in my continuing meditation practice. There was so much love and support in our group, and I feel so grateful to Dan for skillfully cultivating that atmosphere. I am on retreat as I write this testimonial, and even here I look to the group that has evolved since the course ended with so much appreciation and encouragement. Dan has become a dear spiritual friend to me and his devotion to practice is contagious. His MBSR course is very special. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to begin or deepen their meditation practice.


Whether you’re looking to create or strengthen your meditation practice, this 8 week MBSR class is for you! I greatly benefitted from both the meditation and movement practices. More importantly, this experience has created a sense of community both during and since the class which I am so grateful for.